Klayghorum "Dirt" Dirthauler

Dwarven Rogue


Name: Klayghorum “Dirt” Dirthauler

Age: 72

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Class: Rogue

Background: Urchin

How did you come to have this class?: While many Dwarven communities have found prosperity working steam engines, the Dirthaulers and their clan have stubbornly kept to the mines, leading to some comparitively squalid conditions. Dirt left at a young age, but without interest in mining or engineering, his options were slim. His only marketable skill when he reached the city was brewing, so he works at a brewhouse for room and board. His true desire is for wealth, and he feels the ancestral and innate urge to seek treasure wherever it may be found. He is a proficient combatant after a Dwarven upbringing, and he plies this trade in somewhat regular streetfights.

What is your character’s main official Legal occupation?: Brewer.

Family Members: Klaydean Dirthauler (father), Myranen Dirthauler (mother), Kelderyk Dirthauler (elder brother)

What is your character’s relationships like with their family?: Distant, but not unpleasant. They exchange letters on occasion, but Dirt has not been back to visit in last 35 years since leaving.

Does your character come from money and power or poverty?: Near poverty. The Dirthauler clan has resisted the lucrative engineering business and continue to work the mines deep in the northern forest of the Confederacy.

Is you character educated (The confederacy has a school system.)?: No. He trained with his clan in the older Dwarven traditions as a brewer and miner.

If so how much?:

Where is your character from?: Dwarven stronghold in northern forest.

How did you your character go from what they were to what they are now?: Dirt’s temperament has been steady through much of his life: Cynical, greedy, clever, and fond of drink.

Does your character proscribe to this world’s traditional racist views?: No. He feels a camraderie with the downtrodden of all races, and an emnity against those presently in power.

Does your character have a criminal record and if so for what?: Drunkenness, disorderly conduct, streetfighting.

Is your character part of a criminal origination?: No.

*Is you character Religious?(Angelic, Drudic, Demonic, or Ancestral): * He quietly holds Ancestral beliefs.

*Is your character Superstitious?: * Somewhat, though he would deny that.

What is your character’s opinion on magic?: Claims to feel neutrally about it/disregard it, but it does make him somewhat uncomfortable. His ambitious side is intrigued by it, though, and he does not keep the traditionally negative Dwarven views of magic.

*What is your character’s opinion on technology?: * He has more aptitude than the average Human but less than the average Dwarf. He sees it as a tool that can be used for good or evil, but he does hold some resentment toward it for changing the Dwarven lifestyle.

Does your character feel that the World Barrier protects the world or isolates it?: He finds it isolating. He assumes there is a lot more treasure outside of the barrier that he can’t get to because of it.


Klayghorum "Dirt" Dirthauler

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